Saturday, September 04, 2010


Caroline has something to wear to her brothers football games. Yeah! I'm so excited it turned out so good. I think now I'm going to make her another one. Red tee with EC (for East Central) and put Go Wolfpack. I was thinking of the high school when I did this one but now I can put the same thing that's on her brothers Jersey.

Friday, August 06, 2010

School has began...

This past Monday the boys started school. It's nice to have them all at the same place and have ONE car line. It's the first time in 5 years! Patrick got the teacher who he wanted for Kindergarten. (John had Mrs. Wilson for Kindergarten too) All the teachers are good but Mrs. Wilson is an ALABAMA fan. She even lives in Alabama and drives 45 minutes everyday to school. Patrick supported his team on the first day. Even brought his "Bear" Bryant hat to show her that his Nana bought him at the beach. All the boys supported their team on the first day. Yes, we get second looks when all our children support their teams. But hey, everyone is different and that is what makes the world go around. When I picked them up the first day Patrick said he got to be the line leader and nap in the "Tub" He loves being at the same school as his two big brothers! John and Drew had a good first day and first week. They think its kinda cool to have little Patrick with them. It's nice and Caroline and I had a quite week. She misses her brothers while their at school but enjoys having Mommy all to herself. She will start kindermusik in a few weeks. As for now its back to school, homework and football practices for two of the boys.
Roll Tide!
Third Grade
War Eagle!

Fifth Grade

Go Dawgs!

WOW! They grow up so fast!

Patrick and his teacher
Mrs. D. Wilson

Friday, May 21, 2010

A weekend with PopPop

So glad to have my dad visit us over the weekend and celebrate so many things. To start it off on Thursday evening Drews baseball team played in their championship game and WON it! I failed to tell my dad Drews baseball party was after the game and he could enjoy dinner at Fudruckers with 11 6/7 year olds. He was sooo happy.
Congratulations Tigers!! The last day of school John had Honors Day where he made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll. We are so proud of him and he has worked so hard all year. He was glad his Pop Pop could share in his day.
Then on for a evening of watching the boys swim and cook out
steaks for PopPops 72 birthday. Nana and Bob shared in the fun.
Pop Pop with his four youngest grandkids singing Happy Birthday!
And Caroline loved the cake.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Carolines first Easter Egg Hunt was Friday at the YMCA and she loved it. Drew had a game so I took the other 3. Drew and Daddy joined us after the game but made it to the egg hunt. I was so glad!
We just love this face she does. So often...
And this year we did BUNNIES for the kids.
It was a HIT and they LOVE them.
The kids named them Rice Krispy and Strawberry.
So far they have been easy and much cleaner than the ducks last year.
Caroline likes them on her on time. We turned around at one time
and she had Rice Krispy in one hand. And didn't even get scratched. Patrick and John pet Strawberry.
Bob and Nana had eggs with Confetti in them and the boys kept putting them over little sisters head. And she decided to see what was in her egg. This one happened to be a real egg.
So glad to share this day with my children. Happy Easter!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow 2010

Winter Wonderland
Our snowman Little helpers. Patrick rolled his all by himself. (The head)
The princess
and bubba
WOW! It's been FUN!
Football game 2010 "Snow Bowl"
Final score : 42-42 tie